25 Random: “Everybody’s Doin’ It” (to the tune of the SeaDoo jingle)

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  1. Since I grew up there, I’m the designated Cary direction-giver among my friends. I can get most anywhere in Cary at least 4 different ways but I get lost in Raleigh at least once a month. At least. I blame it on the fact that the Raleigh streets all change names half a dozen times…and also on the fact that I’m generally bad with directions.
  2. So far I really like my new job.
  3. I wish I were more adventurous when it comes to fashion. I sometimes think I wouldn’t mind someone who’s better at it giving me a total make-over.
  4. A few years ago, I worked doing airbrush tattoos at local events.
  5. Among my greatest fears are that I’m completely uninteresting or completely annoying. I’m not sure which is worse in my mind or whether either are true.
  6. I have a pretty impressive(?) ability to remember the lyrics to tv theme songs. I can, off the top of my head, sing the themes to well-loved classics like 227, The Hogan Family, Small Wonder, and The Gummi Bears. I maintain that the best themes are all from mid-80’s sitcoms. I don’t think I can choose a favorite.
  7. By age 22 I had never been kissed, tasted alcohol or been on a date. Six years later, I’ve at least minimally experienced all three.
  8. Some people are music snobs, some are art snobs, some are grammar snobs. I’m a comedy snob. I judge people based on their tastes in comedy. For example, I find it very difficult to respect anyone who believes MadTV to have ever been funnier than SNL or who can’t appreciate the genius that was Arrested Development, or who prefers Brian Regan to Zach Galifanakis. I don’t pretend that this means I’m particularly funny it just means I think I have better taste than you.
  9. I have no problem with the American right to bear arms but have never even held a gun and don’t really have much desire to do so.
  10. Although I would LOVE to travel more, I’ve never left the country and have never traveled further west than New Orleans, where I was born.
  11. I’m not a good driver when other people are in the car. I get distracted too easily.
  12. I want to be married. Though right now I’d settle for a good date.
  13. I’ve never been much for thinking or fantasizing or planning wedding, marriage, and baby-type things that I imagine other girls dream about.
  14. Although I don’t mind them, I rarely put on actual pajamas for bed. More often than not I just end up just wearing whatever t-shirt I wore during the day.
  15. I’ve been stuck at #15 for about a week now.
  16. I played the flute for 4 years. I stopped playing because near the end of my 8th grade year, I left my flute on the bus one day and was too shy to ask the bus driver if she’d found it. I played this old beat-up one of my dad’s in class for the rest of the year rather than tell my parents what had happened. The next year when it was time to sign up for band again, I told them I didn’t really want to play anymore. They didn’t know until a few years ago, the real reason.
  17. It takes sincere effort for me to make a quick decision and usually I just make myself do it. I’m naturally inclined to hem and haw (and apparently use outdated cliches.
  18. I’ve never been able to break the habit of biting my nails.
  19. I’ve learned that it’s never a bad thing to initiate, and follow-up, and pursue time with friends. I used to think pursuing people for friendship would make me a geek until I realized that not doing it, just made me lonely.
  20. I don’t talk on the phone or text very much at all which is why I use a phone with very few features and no contract.
  21. I love doing crafty things and one of my favorite crafts is something called unit origami where you basically make puzzle pieces out of paper and then put them together to form these larger geometric sculptures. Despite this, I really don’t like traditional origami at all – the kind in which you’re supposed to make little animals or ornaments…yeah, I don’t do that mess.
  22. I don’t really enjoy cooking. Usually it stresses me out too much but I do make great scrambled eggs, grilled cheese sandwiches, and chocolate chip cookies (if I don’t burn them).
  23. Most nights I should probably go to bed earlier than I do.
  24. I think it would be fun to take classes on graphic design, upholstery, acting, creative writing, or rock climbing.
  25. I wear blue jeans almost every day.

Whew. That was tough.


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