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In Rotation

The Great Divorce
2 Corinthians
Where the Sidewalk Ends

Listening to:
The Official Lost Podcast
The Sound of Music 35th Anniversary Soundtrack
All That You Can’t Leave Behind

The ATM Finale – Yay Whitney!
American Idol – Yay it’s a Double David Final!
The Hills – Lo > Audrina
Creature Comforts America Season 1 DVD

The 50 Greatest Commercial Parodies of All Time
Prismacolor Shrinky Jewelry
Pundit Kitchen
An Interview With Roald Dahl – Great thoughts on writing. (In the bio section)
Me at Twitter. I’m kind of boring but follow away.

Exercising. I know. Crazy.
Spring weather

Complaining about:
$3.75/gallon. Domestic drilling, pls. k. thx.
That Mylie Cyrus song in heavy rotation on local radio stations

New digs
New roomies
Prince Caspian
Indiana Jones


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Home Group Question and Answer Session (or more than anyone ever wanted to know about me)

So in an effort to get to know one another a little better my home group has been having question and answer sessions with various members. I was in the hot seat this week and have posted below, most of the questions and my answers. Please excuse typos, grammar, and spelling errors as I wrote these out pretty quickly. (more…)

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Don’t you wish you had seen this in person?

Are there musical moments that you just desperately wish you’d been able to see in person or maybe just artists that you’ve hoped to catch live before either you or they were gone?

I’ve seen Nickel Creek live a few times and they’ve always been incredible, but I would love to have been there to experience this version of I’ll Fly Away, featuring Sean and Sara Watkins, Chris Thile, Bela Fleck, Mark Schatz, Gillian Welch, David Rawlings, Tim O’Brien, and Benmont Tench, performed on the last night of their Farewell (For Now) tour.

and just for fun, check out Nickel Creek’s cover of another beloved American traditional. This one I have seen, and it’s glorious:

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natalie dee

P.S. If I haven’t already directed you to for some randomly wonderful web comic action. Allow me to do so now.

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Hello Friends

Welcome to my blog. I plan on exploring a bit of culture a bit of design a bit of whatever strikes my fancy.

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