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just mixin’ it up a bit

…for those of you who happen to visit this blog in its original wordpress glory, instead of within a reader (like how I read your blogs).

psst. if this is your first time reading… I just switched up the wordpress themes and header. wooo.

I think it’s nice and springy.


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worth every minute of your time

Dr. John Medina gives a talk to Google employees discussing how and why our brains work well or poorly under different circumstances and what we can do with that knowledge. Also, in the last minute or so of his talk, he gives a really brilliant explanation of the scientific mind.

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Emily Cash

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of catching the work of this incredible local artist, at the tail end of her residency at ArtSpace in downtown Raleigh. There’s an element of chaos and unpredictability in her work in the sense that the more you explore it, the more unexpected elements you’ll find. At the same time, the incredibly intricate nature of her pen and ink drawings really gives the viewer a sense of the artist’s control and purpose. Emily is working on her Masters in Fine Arts at UNC.

From her bio on

My work deals with obsession; obsession with drawing; mark-making, mechanical devices, food and the body. Obsession is perfection. Often painters, sculptors, printmakers and other artists start off with drawings. Artists use drawings to give them an idea of how to start a project; they are generally a part of the process. Drawing is my entire process. I am obsessed with perfecting the beginning sketch that often, other artists discard.

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Hello Friends

Welcome to my blog. I plan on exploring a bit of culture a bit of design a bit of whatever strikes my fancy.

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