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AI is back and I must say that I totally enjoyed last night’s Hollywood Week episode and am quite excited for the top 24 reveal tonight. Since I’ve watched the show pretty consistently since Season 2, I figured I’d bestow upon you a few of my thoughts about the current batch of contestants.

During the first round of auditions I was really impressed by a lot of the guys (maybe because they actually let the audience see some decent singers this year), but at first David Archuleta wasn’t one of them. Then I stumbled across this article featuring videos of performances by Archuleta since he was about 12. Okay maybe stumble isn’t entirely accurate since Pop Watchers is totally in my google reader, but MAN, that kid can sing. What’s interesting to me is the control and restraint he exhibits for someone his age since typically, kid singers try way too hard to belt it out and lose the spirit of the song. Young guys never do really well in the competition (see John Stevens, Sanjaya, Kevin Covais) and almost never make it into the top 5, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this one beat the odds.

I kind of like that Josiah kid and I admire his desire to go for a unique-for-this-competition sound, but I think he really just needs to be in a band.

Michael Johns, the Australian dude, is hott (worthy of all 2 t’s). Hott. Luckily, he also has a really listenable voice. He’s obviously all set to be the Ace Young of this season (‘cept hotter).

The nerdy politician kid, Kyle, makes me either laugh or give an inward “awwww” every time he’s on screen. I’d almost like to see him make the top 24 just for entertainment value. He’s just so awkwardly adorable.

Of the ladies I have to say that my current favorite is Brooke White (the Carly Simon throwback). She has a really pure, sincere voice and seems to have the personality to go along with it.
I’m also really impressed with the Irish chick, Carly Smithson.

My least favorites (meaning they will assuredly make it into the top 10 and annoy the crap out of everyone) are:
Kristy Lee Cook – pretty, pretty princess country girl (aka boooring)
Danny Noriega – teen soul singer who I really want to like, but who’s level of self-confidence goes just enough over the edge to be particularly irritating.
David Cook -the “rocker” with the “crazy” hair who will likely invoke that annoying rocker growl in every song, ala Daughtry.

Mystery Idol Contestant, Jason Castro

Also, during the past few weeks I kept seeing this dude with long dreds in the background. It was driving me crazy because I was certain I’d seen him before in some sort of reality show and then, after a bit of research, I found out that his name is Jason Castro and he made a brief appearance in an MTV reality show called, Cheyenne which I spent one lazy Saturday afternoon watching a marathon of last year. The guy is kind of adorable (see picture above) so I’ll be interested to see if he makes the top 24 and we actually get to hear him sing.


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