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Many of you have already heard and enjoyed the following story, so by popular demand I give you “The Most Awkward Concert Moment Ever.”

So I recently went to a concert that was headlined by an instrumental rock band. As the headliner starts to play there was this dude in the audience. He was tall and really, really, thin and was wearing a bright purple hoodie and some of the skinniest jeans I’ve ever seen – he just appeared to be your typical emo kid. So, emo kid in the purple hoodie was standing right in front of the stage. Right in the middle. Like directly in front of the stage. Like inches from the edge of it. Now the stage isn’t extremely high and there weren’t very many people at this fairly large venue so everyone else was standing at least a couple of feet back and our guy was up there all by his lonesome. It looked a little awkward, but you definitely could tell he was digging the music just a little more than the other emo kids because he totally tapped his fingers at his side and even moved his foot occasionally. So whatever. Good for him.

Now the main guy in the band plays bass. He’s in the center of the stage. Usually bass players are the most motionless members of a band, but because he’s the main guy in an instrumental rock band he’s got to do something to keep people’s attention. So this particular bass player moves and sways a lot while playing and he sort of twists his whole body with the guitar. At one point, he was swaying and twisting and I leaned over to my friend and whispered “I’m really afraid he’s going to smack Purple Hoodie Dude with his guitar.”

Not 10 seconds later. “Thwack.” Right across the face. And “Thwack.” Again, on the back swing. There was a collective gasp across the room and about a dozen emo boys in my view drew their hands to their mouths in horror. Purple Hoodie just held his face and quickly backed up about a foot (still closer than the rest of the audience but just out of range of the swaying bass). He then simply recrossed his arms and continued to stand there, intently (and awkwardly) watching the band, with what I assume were red bass guitar-shaped marks across his face. I’m assuming, only because I can’t be sure due to the fact that I was standing behind him and he never turned around.

Lead guy had the most horrified look on his face – like just completely and totally in disbelief, but he had to keep on playing because he was in the middle of a song. At the next pause he bent down and quickly apologized to Purple Hoodie and sort of shook his hand. Then again at the next break in the set, he bent down, reached for the dude and apologized a second time. Throughout the rest of show, lead guy had an extremely nervous expression on his face and didn’t really look anywhere near Purple Hoodie. When the set was over, lead guy immediately jumped off the stage, hugged Purple Hoodie and presumably apologized some more. I couldn’t hear what they were saying but Purple Hoodie was mumbling and nodding and obviously trying to convey that he was fine. But seriously. He got hit HARD. Just smacked right across the face with the end of a bass guitar. I mean it was totally not the bass player’s fault at all. Purple Hoodie was waaaay to close. Who stands that close?


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Cloverfield Chunk

New Clip of J.J. Abrams Cloverfield movieĀ 

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Oh heck yeah

Trailer for Season 4 of LOST.

And yes, I totally slowed it down and watched the bits that go by really quickly.

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Check Yourself

BEFORE you wreck yourself.

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