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I’m sorry but…

…pets with clothes are funny. I’ve been looking at the entries for the Etsy Pet Costume Contest.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Lobster Dog
“Lock the cat box, rock the lobster!”


Mermaid Dachshund
“Just wish I could be part of your world.”


Ferrett Tootsie Roll
Now I’m craving a ferret…I mean a tootsie roll…I mean…I’m so confused…


Cat Neckties
These could very well end up as Christmas presents for half of my friends.


Bacon and Egg Cat
Bacon & Eggs Cat looks tasty, but I prefer mine deep-fried.




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it won’t blend?

This made me laugh.

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music recommendations

No, I’m not giving them, I’m requesting them. Its fall and there’s a great little chill in the air and so its time to retire the summer playlists in favor of a few more interesting tunes. I’m feeling a bit out of the loop lately when it comes to music so if you’re so inclined, feel free to send along a few (or more than a few) good recommendations. Perhaps I’ll be perusing the local music shops this weekend with your lists in hand.

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beard showdown

bad beard

As much as I love Jack Shepard and as much as I also enjoy manly beards in many forms, I have to agree with EW’s assessment. Matthew Fox’s finally-filled-out facial hair, as displayed in the season finale of Lost, was seriously disappointing and appeared to be in danger of falling off throughout the episode.

However, the notoriously clean-cut Adrian Pasdar, seems to have actually grown a real, live, mountain man beard for the Heroes debut. Good for him. The winner is clear.

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Ron Mueck

Today I stumbled across a story about the work of London-based sculptor, Ron Mueck.

Ron Mueck's In Bed

Interestingly, Mueck started his career as a Muppeteer, and worked on projects like Fraggle Rock and the Labyrinth before becoming a fine artist. Earlier this year,‘s Tim Yu described an exhibition of Mueck’s work in Brooklyn NY:

Known for his empathetic renderings, the sculptures are startlingly lifelike—so much so that it was easier to look at the sculptures that had their eyes closed, because only then could you feel uninhibited in your observation, sympathy and admiration. Mueck’s attention to detail is excruciating. Take notice of the subtle translucent skin revealing veins on the lower back of the 15 foot (4.5m) long piece called “A Girl”.

More images:

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smooth moves

If anyone ever had the delusion that i was cool, this one will clear that notion up entirely.

So I have had a nasty little bug for the past couple of weeks which has given me a cough and tickle in my throat. I’m feeling much better, but today I was driving home from work and my throat was feeling a little dry. I reached into my purse for a small bottle of antiseptic spray, pulled it out and squirted it on the back of my throat three times. Within moments I realized that instead of grabbing the throat spray I had actually pulled out a very similarly shaped bottle of Hawaiian Ginger Body Mist. Yep. I promptly gagged and began wiping off my tongue with the tissues i also keep in my purse. Needless to say, facial tissues do not hold up well to all of the moisture in the human mouth so I had little white bits of kleenex all over my tongue, which I had to sort of scrape off with my teeth and fingernails.

I keep imagining what the people in the cars next to me at the stop lights were thinking when they looked over and saw a scene from Big taking place.

The lesson: Don’t keep too much crap in your purse.

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