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Beauty and the Geek kicked off its 4th season last week. I really do love any show that follows people with social awkwardness or phobias and helps them change and grow. I enjoyed Made, and Can’t Get a Date, and Why Can’t I Be You. I even watched The Pick Up Artist this year. And yes, I’m completely aware of the irony of a guy who calls himself Mystery and dresses more flamboyantly than Liberace teaching other men how to pick up women.

As for Beauty and the Geek, I have, since the show’s beginning talked about the how the concept might work in reverse, meaning that geeky girls would be paired with good looking guys. I believe it would be extremely interesting as a psychological experiment, but entirely terrible as reality tv. Its my contention that the guys would be unable to get past the girls’ looks and bother to actually help them. I think men who are overly focused on their own appearance usually don’t even see women who are not classically beautiful. I’m not really making a moral judgment, but I don’t think I’m off-base in that observation. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, but I see a whole heck of a lot more geeky men with beautiful men than vice versa. In fact I honestly can’t think of a situation in which I have ever seen the reverse. Considering this, I was really surprised when I read that the “twist” this season would be the inclusion of a reversed couple. Then it all made sense when they were introduced. I immediately recognized Sam as an actor. I’ve seen him in other things, but mostly I recognized him from one of my favorite guilty pleasure movies, Brink!. I didn’t recognize the girl, but her dress and hair and demeanor are honestly just way too geek-cliché to be entirely real.

Sam Horrigan and Eric Von Detton in Brink!
Sam Horrigan and the oh-so-dreamy Eric Von Detton in Brink!

My prediction is that this “team” will win immunity (along with one other real team of course) in the next few challenges. They will spend at least a few weeks in the house and then at a predetermined point, will be eliminated or revealed. If they are eliminated, at some point, possibly not until the end, it will be revealed that they are both actors and were included as part of the group to observe the other teams and evaluate their growth and performance. It’s certainly possible that I could be totally wrong, but I actually have a pretty decent track record for predicting the ins and outs and eventual winners of reality show competitions.

Honestly, I’m not entirely thrilled when reality shows use ruses like this to create extra drama. I miss the days of the original Real World and Road Rules where people just kind of hung and out and lived their lives while video tape was rolling. Of course reality tv has ever been completely authentic but it was a lot more “real” 15 years ago than it is today in the era of Laguna Beach and Survivor and the Real World/Road Rules Sleeze Fest Challenge – not that I don’t watch those shows, because I totally do, I just don’t have delusions about their supposed reality. Anyway, that’s a whole new topic for another day…


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