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September 7, 2007 at 3:17 pm Leave a comment

WordPress has a really nifty little dashboard with blog stats that allow you to see how many people have viewed your page and how they got there if it wasn’t just by typing in the url or using a bookmark. It also shows the search phrases that led people to your blog. So today I look at the blog stats and see that someone found my blog by typing in “corky” + “retard”. ??? Right there is the first time either of those words have ever been used in this blog. I don’t generally use the term “retard” so you know… Anyway, now that those words have actually made their way into these pages, I hope to be getting a huge influx of politically incorrect, but I hopefully good-natured, Life Goes On fans checking out the view.

By the way, since we’re on the topic, how could you not love that show? Becca with her wire-rimmed glasses (I got a pair just like them in 5th grade) and her crush on the gorgeously mulletted Tyler… I remember the episode when they finally got together. It gave nerdy girls all over America hope that we too could date the captain of the football team.

As much as I loved the show and watched it religiously, it always gave me this slightly weird feeling. It was a feeling similar to the one when my middle school guidance counselor would come to class to give “the talk.” I’m not entirely sure why. It’s probably partially because the shows were always giving “life lessons” but I think it also might be because, ever since I was young, some actresses have a quality about them that reminds me of guidance counselors. Patti LuPone (who played the mother on that show) was of those actresses. I can’t really put a finger on a particular source of the quality…but it’s usually older female actresses, who have this mothering, yet sexually open, yet entirely un-sarcastic way about them. Other actress who give me “the guidance counselor feel” are Diane Weist, Patty Duke, and Joanne Woodward and Michael Learned. I know. It’s odd.

In any event, Sunday nights in the early 90’s were good times. Rock on Corky fans.


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