Just sayin hi.

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No particular agenda today. Just wanted to say hi to anyone who might actually read this. Thanks for stopping by. If no one has told you that they love you today, let me be the first. I love you guys. You “rock harder than you ever knew.” By the way, if you can name the band responsible for the quoted phrase without googling you’ll earn 5 gold stars. You want these gold stars man. They’re important.

At work, I got to create and play around with Visio files, which was actually kind of fun. It’s a program that just creates giant flowcharts. This company is all about some flowcharts. The have one for everything. I still have very little idea about what most of the people there are talking about. I mean I thought I had some clue about technology, but these folks are serious. Yesterday I was in a meeting about teleconferencing which was probably the only term I actually understood. The rest of the conversation took place entirely in acronyms. I’m enjoying the new job, though. Its less responsibility and more pay so I’ll take that any day. It is a little odd for me though, because when my boss asks me to schedule a conference room or set up a meeting or schedule his travel, I don’t actually do any of those things. There are people on staff that do each of those things as their job. I just call them. At my previous position I was used to doing everything from start to finish. The nice thing is that I really do have more time and room for creativity and learning which I really enjoy.

After work, I went over to my parents’ house because my great aunt and uncle were in town from VA for a quick visit. They’re good people. I remember loving Hank (my uncle) growing up, because he is and always has been an overgrown kid. One of my favorite memories is going with them to Virginia Beach. He would get out in the water with all of the kids wearing this huge floppy straw hat and as we all floated around in inner tubes he would sing “opera” in a fake Spanish-sounding language at the top of his lungs. It was great. Marty, (my aunt) I actually found slightly scary when I was kid. She’s a very particular sort of person which can be a little intimidating for a kid, but these days I really enjoy her company. She always has some random/odd/funny story to tell either about herself or her family. As I’ve gotten older I really have enjoyed  becoming friends with the adults in my extended family.


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note to self: ob-la-dee, ob-la-da…

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