I dreamt I brought a bear to work

August 8, 2007 at 5:28 pm Leave a comment

Last night I had a dream that I was supposed to bring a large brown bear to work. When I woke up and remembered the dream I thought of Mr. Bultitude, because that seems to be the pattern my unconscious mind was working from. He was kind, dumb, and apparently an integral part of the meeting we were having first thing in the morning. The dream consisted of me forgetting to bring him and then having my boss chastise me and ask me to go pick him up, which I did. He then sat beside me at the table in the large conference room and nodded and grunted to show how he felt about the actions of the committee. No idea what that means.

I also dreamt the other night that my teeth were rotting out (I have this one on occasion, actually). My mom thinks that it means I’m concerned about my health, but in doing a little research, most “dream experts” seem to think it has to do with anxiety over your appearance. Again, no idea.

My most often recurring dream centers around my ability to float. I’m always upright – never in the typical superman flying stance. It’s really more like that I have the ability to walk on air. In the dreams often I’ll begin doing it when I’m around crowds of people I know and the most frustrating thing is that no one seems to notice or be impressed at all.
They’re just like,
“yeah so…”
And I’m all,
“But I can fly you guys.”
“This should be impressive.”
My best interpretation on that one is that it could have something to do with me wanting people to recognize greatness or interestingness or fabulousity in me. Apparently I want attention. Who doesn’t man?

The oddest collection of dreams I ever had took place over the course of about 3 months when almost every single night I had a dream about a black animal of some kind. I had really typical scary black spider dreams, one about a black lizard trying to bite my hand and a few other not so typical versions. There are two that stand out the most in my memory. One involved a large, but strangely thin, black Woolly Mammoth that had broken through my kitchen wall. From what I recal he was fairly friendly but clumsy. Although I do remember getting a sort of ominous feeling about his presence in my kitchen. In the other dream there were hundreds of all-black boston terriers surrounding me. They were black from tip to tail and even had all black eyes. Creeeeepy. I was supposed to find within this sea of dogs, my own pup, Gibson.

Mostly I just have really typical school dreams where I’m lost in the hallways or forgot to attend a class all year long and then realize I have to take the final. Or I’ll have the one where I arrive someplace important either without an essential article of clothing like my shoes or my bra or with an extremely odd article of clothing on like roller skates (instead of shoes) or a short mini-skirt when I haven’t shaved my legs.


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