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…my most recent post was not super-well received by the music snobbery crowd – you all know who you are ;). Yes, I listen to my fair share of indie-credible music, but you know…I truly do like a good pop tune. I do. And it’s summer and summer is the time for singing cheesy music really loud in your car and so I stand by my moderate endorsement of hanson and my use of a much-too-large image.

I do realize that my defense is pretty weak in that I’ve also recently posted a link to a Kriss Kross video and admitted that I’m totally diggin’ “U Can’t Touch This.” I can’t help it, it makes me smile. By the fall, I’m sure my playlist will look a little more “respectable.” I suppose y’all will just have to wait and see.

In other news…

I have Friday off. I’ll probably check out a few apartments. I also have another job interview in the afternoon. I might go see Harry Potter later in the day. I figure most of the rabid fans will be at the bookstore so the theater should be a safe bet by then. Tonight I’ve been really in the mood for Mexican food – specifically some good salsa and guacamole. If I’m still feeling the craving tomorrow I may make a stop at Los Tres Magueyes for lunch. Other than that I think I’ll just enjoy the day, listen to some music (All Hanson, all the time. Deal with it suckas!), watch some TV and hang out with the dog (who is currently snoring loudly on my bed, btw).

In other dog-related news my parents have asked me to sit this weekend for their puppy, Sophie. She’s also a Boston terrier so she and Gibs do pretty well together. I’m not extremely excited about the prospect of having her in my apartment overnight though, since she’s not fully house-trained. I really just hope she doesn’t pee on my bed again (worst way to wake up at 4:00 a.m., evar).

The two of them together do crack me up. Gibs is all about the toys and all about playing with people and Sophie is all about playing with Gibs. He’ll pick up a toy and push it into a person’s lap (or hand or foot or shin) and she’ll just stand behind him and bite his back legs to get him to wrestle with her. She seriously loves a good smackdown. Gibs will oblige for a while just so she’ll stop bugging him. Then as soon as she starts really ignoring him and focusing on something else he decides he actually did want to play and tries forcing the toy of the moment onto the top of her head. Along with the wrestling, they’re also big fans of chase and tug-of-war. The cutest thing is that when they get sleepy she’ll sit beside him on the couch and lick his head. He pretends not to like it by getting all pouty-faced and letting out an occasional half-hearted growl, but he totally lets her do it.


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Yeah, so…Hanson listen to it

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